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Re: ticking/tapping noise from my \'94 7.5L

my first guess was the exhaust manifold, because i knew that it was leakin. then, after a while, i finally opened the hood and listened, the noise wasnt coming from the bottom of the engine or near the exhaust manifold. it was coming from the top so i assummed it was something with the valvetrain. the noise is there all the time, when the rpm's increase, the ticking gets quicker.

and about pulling the valve covers, and intake manifold, it doesnt seem too difficult but the amount of wires around the top of the engine seem to make this repair much more difficult than it seems. will it be easy to label the wires, unplug them, then when im done plug them back in?
one more quick thing, which is cylinder 1,2,3...8?
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