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Re: 2.5L Oil Pressure Problem

Can you tell us what kind of pressure that you have otherwise? Cold start ....warm idle? .........and to answer the sorta answered but unasked questions for my fellow asteemed associates above......

Does the gauge fluctuate or bounce? Go to FSD (full scale deflection) .......or otherwise act funny?

I'd say that if the answer is no to the above question that you have one of two problems. Either the sensor (I believe everything on a TJ dash comes through the PCM) is faulty and is giving an incorrect input to the computer .........or you have need for a new oil pump. Perhaps the relief springs are shot .

Change the oil with an appropriate weigh oil for the season and see if the condition is still present. If so ..replace the oil sender/sensor. Beyond that, as was suggested, at least put a mechanical gauge (shop type pressure gauge) on it to see if the pressure is as indicated by the factory electronic gauge (I believe that you will have to retain the factory electronic sendor/sensor to keep your "check engine" light off). If all these actions leave you where you started ...plan on having the oil pump replaced.

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