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Re: ehhaust system for 2.5L YJ? Reviews or opinions?

I just installed the TFX on my Jeep two weekends ago. Installing it took all of 20 minutes--removing the old system took four hours, three bloody knuckles, and a whole lot of cursing! I used my Dremel and about a dozen cut off wheels. If you have an angle grinder, removing the old system should be a lot quicker. The fit and finish of the TFX system is excellent--I did trim off about two inches from the exhaust tip to keep my departure angle the same as what it was (I had trimmed my stock tip). The actual muffler feels like a skid plate, and the tubing seems fairly solid. Sound is nice. Not noticably louder than stock during idle and a good bit louder during heavy "acceleration", but not obnoxious. As for power increase, I noticed a difference, but probably not the 10-12% claimed. A few weeks before putting the TFX system on, I put on Rusty's Off Road air tube and K&N conical filter (the large one). The air tube made more of a difference in power than the TFX, but the combination of the two is pretty nice especially at 2000 to 4000 rpms. Highway driving is much more enjoyable. For the money, I'd go with this over the Borla--their million mile warranty doesn't cover it if it gets creamed by a rock. The Borla also feels flimsier due to the thinner stainless steel used. Remember, with the 4-banger, you are getting blood from a rock when it comes to power increases, and the more add ons you combine, the more the effects are compounded. If you get the cat-back, get an air tube to replace the stock air box for the most noticable power increases.

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