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Re: Pinging when wet

Water on old wires will cause that too. Try wetting the wires then going for a drive. The power goes thru the rubber and never makes it to the chamber. My truck did that when i would drive in wet weather. New wires and now she runs better on wet days then dry ones. A LITTLE water(Vapor) ion the air is good. It helps cool the chamber as it burns. To much is no good. It helps crack parts and bend rods. There was a Buick back in the 50's or 60's that has an all aluminum engine that would warp if it got to hot so the enigineers made a water injectoion system. Worked great but you had to fill the water up or it was useless.

The slow cranking could have been water in the starter. How long after the dunk did it crank slow?
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