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Joining in (first post)...

I'm a new member to the forum, but I've had my Jeep since '99. I followed the hollowed forum rule of using the "search" before jumping into the pool but still have some basic questions. (My ride is a 97 Wrangler SE 5 speed)

1. I don't have the bottom barrel SE wheels but the ones above that (bright silver 5 star w/Jeep center cap), they were popular on the Cherokee's. Is this a 15x7 or 15x6? I couldn't distinguish from some earlier posts.

2. I have the Moss green, Spice top color layout and was thinking of painting the wheels gloss black, sort of an army theme. Can I just scuff these, prime and paint, or am I looking at stripping/powder coating etc.? Any opinions/pics on how this would look?

3. I bought the Jeep used w/35,000 miles on it (garage kept) and have always had a miss/timing issue right after start up (it idles fine, then chokes misfires under initial load, then goes away in about 10 seconds). I originally replaced all the usaual suspects - plugs, cap, wires - but to no avail. Jeep eventually replaced the distributor completely (under warranty) didn't help. It doesn't affect normal driving, it only acts up right after start (whether hot or cold) and goes away as quickly as it starts. Any other ideas?


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