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\'96 Tracker automatic, shifter sticks in park

Howdy all, new to the forum. My mother owns a 96 tracker LSI 4X4 4 door automatic. She lives in a small town and getting service is tough. The problem is that the vehicle is sometimes difficult to get out of park....that is...the button on the shifter will not go in (vehicle is parked on a level surface). The problem is intermittent, and occurs even when firmly depressing the brake pedal long before attempting to push the button on the shifter and move it out of park. I suspect that something is wrong with the lockout mechanism that prevents shifting out of park unless the brake is depressed, because once it is out of park, the button on the shift knob works perfectly. The only work I have ever done on this vehicle was to swap the A/C blower motor, so I'm not very familiar with the Trackers. I'm a decent wrench, and can tackle most anything with a few pointers. Can anyone give me any advice what to look for? It makes Mom nervous, as she never knows if it's going to strand her, and I live two hours away. She bought the Tracker new, and it has given her very few problems.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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