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Re: OT- Poor maintenance rant-Why do people do this?!?

Some people just don't understand, even so-called intelligent

A few months ago I was visiting a friend in a smog shop,
Pasadena CA - a customer came in for a smog test.
The tech checked the oil before running it on the dyno -
no oil showed on the dipstick - none.
The tech showed the owner, told him he had to put oil in it
before running it.
The customer (we later found out he was a teacher at
Cal Tech during the ensuing shouting match) refused to let
him add any oil.
He said oil was just a scam, he put a quart in a year ago,
that should be enough.
He said it spreads around inside and stays there.
The tech wouldn't run the test, he pushed it out the door
and told the guy to leave. The tech was didn't even want
to start it like that.

The guy called the cops! He said it was discrimination because
he wouldn't fall for the oil company's scam!
The cops just laughed at him.

2 things -
I hope he isn't teaching how to design the space shuttle
there at Cal-Tech.

Great testimoney for the little Toyota 4 banger.
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