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Re: OT- Poor maintenance rant-Why do people do this?!?

People would put a lot of mechanics out of work if they did better maintenance. I think the lack of it comes from 2 things ignorance and laziness. They either don't know any better or are to lazy to check and grease things but its funny how a large repair bill will teach them to check things.That or they will just say its a piece of junk or the mechanic is a rip off. Some people even think all that maintenance a mechanic suggest is just a scam so he can make more money but,trust me, the mehanic would much rather change the fluids then have to pull out the tranny and rebuild it ! Being a mechanic for 15 + years I have learned that no matter what some people just have more dollars then cents!

I doubt anyone would put water in the trans my guess if it wasn't driven through water that it was stored outside with no top and the water entered through the shifter.
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