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Hockey-puck lift question

I ran into a couple of articles on the Net about 1" hockey-puck lift. The main problem was that, allegedly, the puck is not flexible, so it will eventually break into 1000 pieces, rather then distorting itself (like regular body mounts/lifts). Does anybody have any experience with hockey-puck lift?
Also, I read that the radiator should be lowered, and the front brakeline too. Is that true, is that a problem to do? What happens to the clutch linkage, driveshaft angle, etc? Or don't they suffer that much?
And as we talk about pucks... I have been given an (good) idea about cutting two pucks in half (over the diameter), and using those four halfs as bumpstops. Is it going to work, or are they too stiff? Or too small? Diameter of the puck is 3", so the BS's should be 1.5" each. But my main concern is wil they, when hit by the axle, break in 100 pieces, or are they going to be too stiff to use as bumpstops?
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