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O/T from short-wheel base forum

This was posted by [email protected] on the short-wheel base forum. Any help would be appreciated.

Well, I figure that my Jeep will take me to where I can use this thing....

I just got my Christmas present from my wife. (Early because I want to use it at Thanksgiving ). I have a reproduction 50cal. Kentucky Rifle. It is flint-lock and is a fairly decent gun for the price (Italian made, so not historically correct).

What I'm mystified about is the ball and patch sizing. Anybody know much about this? I have only fired blank rounds for demonstration, so I've never had to know this before. I plan on taking the rifle to the inlaws Thanksgiving shoot-in, so I need to know what kind of ball to fire and patch to use. Also, powder charge. At fifty cal, about 60 grains FF...right?

Also, any helpful info for a new gun onwer? I have been trained on blackpowder safty by the NPS, so that isn't a problem, but upkeep and improvements are still fair game.


Jeep...need I say more?

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