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Re: mud building tips

Need some opinions again. the mud bogs that i plan on going to have 5 classes. A= cut paddle tires, any motor, vehicle. B= 37" dot tirezs and up. C= 34"-36" dot tires and up. D= v8 engine with up to 33" tires. E= 4cyl. and 6 cyl. with up to 44" tires. as you know i have a 1980's or so dodge 3/4 ton with just a cab. soon to be just rollbars and no cab. a 318 motor and 4.10 gears. i have a 360 for when the 318 goes. i plan on running in the local mud bogs which are deep, and around the woods and mud holes at my family's property, lots of hills, trails, mud and more mud. i sold my 44" tires i had cause i knew they were gonna be too big for what i want and have. now my question is: should i try to stay in the lowest class possible, d class with 33's. or should i go with 35's or bigger. i don't wanna have 2 sets of tires. i want to be able to compete yet still be able to play. i can by a set of like new 38" ground hogs for $400. but i have been thinking about just buying brand new 33's. with those gears and motor combination what do you think would be my best bet. and if 33's what type? i know i'm losing ground clearance with smaller tires. but i know i can turn those better then bigger ones.
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