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Re: Jeep 2.5L Turbo Diesel

umm - you guys do realise that in europe, you can get jeeps with 2.5 TD's?the 2.5 TD liberty is reportedly the hotteest selling jeep model in most of europe right now. even in the USA, there were something like 2500 diesel Cherokee XJ's sold after the French army cancelled a contract. ( those were renault 2.5D's, and used the renault tranny.) I that was ~84 or so..anyone on here got one?

from a 1st person perspective, diesels are actually pretty good in mud - the HP numbers always seem low compared to gas engines, but with the low rpm powerbands, and LOTS of torque, they spin up the tires just fine. I mud bog in high range with my non-turbo diesel auto setup, and my biggest problem is making sure I dont over-rev 8^D ( MB autos are a bit different from N.american stuff that way) dont even get me started on water crossings - I've been half way up my windshield a few time using a snorkle, and have yet to see a gas engine that can do that repeatedly, or for extended durations!!

as for fumes..thats a N.American diesel thing. My Mercedes 240D powered rig doesnt puff at all in the summer, and only the slightest bit in the winter... and with my full length tail pipe, there's essentially no smell. bottom line is its all a matter of what you're used to I guess, 'cause emission controlled gas exhaust stinks after you've worked on diesels!!


PS: you REALLY wnat a diesel jeep? e-mail me - I've been waiting for a while for someone to ask me to fit a 300TD mercedes + auto into a CJ or YJ 8^D
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