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Re: 258 Won\'t Start PLEASE help!! need to get it going

Sounds like you are getting spark, (backfires through carb). Just an assumption on my part but it sounds like you have the distrb. off a few teeth or the timing chain was not set just right. You made a lot of changes to the timing system and it could be any one of these. First you should pull the #1 plug pull it up to #1 postion using the old finger in the hole tech. or use a compression guage. Then check the rotor position and see if it is any where near the #1 plug location on the cap. When you put the push rods and lifters in did you get the proper length push rods and are you uing hydraulic lifters or solids. With solids you may have the adjustment to tight not getting full closure on the lifters. Thes are just a few of the possibilities.
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