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Re: weird fuel injection /headlight porblem, need


I have been researching TBI conversions recently and have an uneducated guess at what the problem might be. I have seen several mentions of the requirement for a good electrical supply to the ECM for TBI systems. What could be happening is that you have barely adequate voltage when no accessories (such as the headlights) are on, but when you turn the lights on, the momentary voltage drop causes power to the ECM to fall below the threshold needed for operation. If this is the case, then any high current accessory should produce the same effect - maybe try the blower motor, other light, or winch if you have one.

The low voltage to the ECM has also been implicated in poor running TBI setups. Check the voltage at the battery and at the ECM and if the difference is more than a volt or so, find a better way to get power to the ECM. Maybe as a test, try using a wire straight from the battery to power the ECM. I also have to agree with the above posts about good grounds, this is especially important to look out for in an old CJ - they have been known to have some corrosion problems [img]images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

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