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Fuel problem with my CJ-5

I have an 81 CJ-5 with a 258, Weber 38 with mechanical fuel pump. I have had a strange problem a couple of times now and I'm cornfuzzed.............when the jeep sits in the garage for about a week it won't start. The first time this happened, I cranked it for about 10 minutes. After I removed the air filter and primed the engine with gas, it started right up and died. I primed it again and it ran fine.

Last night I had the same problem. I removed the fuel filter and there was no gas. I cranked the engine a couple of times and it started pumping gas. The only other thing I did was I loosened the gas cap and retightened it. After I reinstalled the fuel filter I cranked it a few seconds and it started right up.

I'm wondering if one of the vents is plugged and a vacuum is forming in the tank. Then when I park it sucks the gas out of the line and back into the tank..any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.....
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