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1982 Power Wagon in paper, what should it have????

I will appoligize in advance, as I hate newbies on boards. I've posted and recieved help on the Jeep forum, but I may want a new toy. I am inquiring on a truck posted in the paper. It is 120 miles away(one way) and I'd like to know what it may have on it before going. Does anyone know what the 1982 Dodge truck had going for it?

Here's the given info: Ad says 1982 Dodge 4x4 short bed. He says it's a Power Wagon, is there a difference? Motor is a 318 with 160,00 on the speedo, runs on propane as well. Says 4wd works. Says the rear diff is octagonal with 12 bolts holding on the cover in the back. Front is "diagonal" with 10 bolts and is smaller. Tranny is a 4 speed manual.

I generally stick to Jeep stuff, but I am tired of being cold with no top, and the project is costing lots of cash to finish. Does this truck have off-road potential?? I can forsee sinking a few hundered into paint (already primed and ready) $500 in a 3-5" kit $650 in new meats and saving up a grand for a rebuild. There are a lot of if's. I have not seen the truck, but are there any real "gems" hiding in this truck. i.e. Dana 60 rears, NP 205 transfers, or kick ass trannies with 7.2:1 first gear ratios??? He's asking $1750
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