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Re: hybrid SPOA with CJ & Samurai springs

Hey pug I used some cj leafs why I did my spoa a few months ago. My front springs were pretty much flat so we added a short cj spring either on top of the main leaf or 2nd can't remember which. Then put the rest of the zuk leafs on top. In the rear we used a longer cj leaf on top of the main zuk leaf then the rest of the zuk leafs and I kept the overload spring in there too. It sits perfectly level now and it gave me an extra 1/2" to 3/4" more lift. Rides great and flex is good too. Makes my half worn 29" tsl's look real small now! The springs might be a little stiffer then stock but I'll trade that for less axel wrap and longer spring life. Here's a pic. Hope this helps.
[img]!cyunPWX3UzzG5EOdFwVHXGP9mf*rlHD LzD9hZgPq94gm!QmsSerqMCwZTTsWV1Kg9iuXB0BGnPg2Z1/P1010001.JPG[/img]

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