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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

It's funny how things go around, get changed, then revert
back again.

It wasn't all that long ago when all 4 wheelers were solid,
wagon wheel axles - left over from long, long before cars
were ever even dreamed of. Until the 40's even almost all
2wd drives were wagon axles too.

Then someone came up with a revolutionary idea: Let each
wheel act on it's own to go over obstacles.

Suddenly magazines picked up the idea, wrote articles about
it, then kit makers jumped on the band wagon.
For a while you were looked down upon by those "in the know"
if you had solid axles.

Then the OEM folks saw the gold in it - sell 4x4's with
independant suspension. It caught on fast.

Now that most everyone has independant suspension, the mags
looked for something to write about, and the kit makers needed
something "new" to sell.

What goes around comes around.

Funny, how when the right wheel goes up over a rock, it's "cool"
to have the left wheel lay over on it's corner too out of

Yes, stock independant's have the limitations due to CV joints,
but that's mainly because the OEM's offset the axle to clear
the engine pan, making the shafts so short.

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