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Re: Sammy\'s vs Trackers

There are lots of reasons.

1) Samurais are generally cheaper to buy starting out
2) Solid axle vs IFS
3) Easier to lift with greater variety of lift kits available
4) Lots of aftermarket support
5) Several engine swap choices/kits available
6) More gearing choices
7) Many more reasons, too many to list

But that doesn't mean that Trackers/Kicks/X90s/Vitaras can be built and wheeled. It just takes a little more money and a little more patience. They are starting to gain more and more aftermarket support in the form of taller lifts, lower gearing and better armor. The IFS is their biggest limiting factor. But I think as time goes on you will see more being built as Samurais become harder to come by.
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