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Re: Definition of sniper

I agree with Firetruck41 on this one. A military sniper is trained to take out key targets and targets of opportunity. This could have an affect on the outcome of upcoming battles. During Vietnam the sniper crews were so affective that the VC put bounties on them. They usually operate as a two man crew and are on thier own behind enemy lines. When caught torture and death was usually the outcome for a sniper. There are documented stories of a single sniper taking on a whole company of enemy soldiers. I would definately classify this is honorable, quite damn impressive if you ask me. During Somalia two snipers requested to be dropped off at one of the downed chopper sites they helded off hundreds of Somalians until they were killed. Definately not a coward. These two soldiers were the first since Vietnam to receive a medal of honor (post humuosly). Based on your definition of a sniper not being honorable is the crew of a stealth bomber or other types of bombers that hide from radar and the view of soldiers on the ground and drop bombs on them then return home to fight another day the same? I am just offering this up as another view point not to argue or say that your view is wrong by any means.
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