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Re: OT - TV news reporting on \"snipers\" Bushmaster

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And can everyone quit calling this guy a sniper? OK, he was a competant shot, but a not a sniper. He was taking pot shots at people. Easy shots. Nothing demonstrating any particular skill, and nothing worthy of being called a sniper (not that more skillful shooting makes this worthy of anything, but lets not give this guy more credit than he deserves).

Actually, let's not give this moron any credit for anything, other than being a nut job and a coward.

[/ QUOTE ]I guess I need your definition of a sniper. I never considered it an honorable profession. To me it means a coward or opportunist who hides, usually in a high viewing position, and takes random potshots at anyone he sees. Then runs and hides to shot another day.

As to the banning, the present commie government, who has been brainwashing the younger generation as followers with liberal school teachers, would have you under socialism with the government providing all of your needs. Anything the government didn't provide for you would not be needed and banned from ownership.

I was in high school in the early sixties when the quote was, "Better dead than Red." When did we decide communism was a better idea. My only consolation is I don't expect to live long enough to put up with much more of it.
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