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OT - TV news reporting on \"snipers\" Bushmaster

You gotta love TV. Less than an hour after they confirm that the guy they caught is the "sniper" I am watching, on national news, a piece on how scarey Bushmasters are. SOB's trying to whip up everyone into a frenzy about the big scarey assualt rifles. This just drives me nuts, people who don't know squat about guns getting all upset about a particular style, like this would have happened if this model of gun didn't exist. Please. What could the fact that this doofus used a Bushmaster have to do with anything. Like it would have been better if he had been using a Model 7 shooting .30-06 or 7mm? The 3 that survived wouldn't have if he had been using that.

Anyone want to take any bets on how long it will take for some politician the decide the best way to get re-elected is to pass some law banning M-16 styled weapons?

And can everyone quit calling this guy a sniper? OK, he was a competant shot, but a not a sniper. He was taking pot shots at people. Easy shots. Nothing demonstrating any particular skill, and nothing worthy of being called a sniper (not that more skillful shooting makes this worthy of anything, but lets not give this guy more credit than he deserves).

Actually, let's not give this moron any credit for anything, other than being a nut job and a coward.

No, can't do that, must be the guns fault. Jeez.
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