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Re: Collection agency problem

Sounds kinda like the same problem i had, only my problem ended up being worse. They had my address because some sleeze ball mother#*%&ing A$$hole, stole my info, but used another name. The first few envolpes i threw away without even looking at them, then they starting calling and calling and calling, and that is when i started wondering what the heck is going on here. The first ahole i talked to just wanted to know when he was getting paid, even though i came out and said it wasnt my bill and we need to figure this whole deal out. It took 10 mins of him being an a$$hole and me being a a bigger a$$hole to finaly figure out what the bills where for. When i asked for his supervisor he said he was the supervisor, so i asked for the owner of the company and got hung up on. When i called back and got a women this time and started asking questions, she read me my social number i knew i was in for some $hit. So when it was all said and done i found out i had almost 10,000 dollars worth of cell phones bills, not in my name, but with all my other info. At the same time i also had my credit card number stolen.

My suggestion to you, is run a credit check, it wont hurt your credit rating at all. You are aloud to run your credit once and awhile. I also suggest going to your bank and having them do it. My bank did it for free for me but she said they normally charge a small amount, but for some reason my bank always takes good care of me. You may have some bullcrap lurking that dont relize yet, and catching it early will make lift much, much easier. Good luck and i hope everything works out.
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