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Re: I buried a Jeep today

You still could have saved it and painted it or found some little girl to give it to.

It reminded me of another burial. Back in the '60s my grandfather owned the contract for the city trash collection. One evening the drivers came back with cases and cases of beer. There had been a fire in a supermarket. The beer that had been smoke damaged in the fire had been brought to the dump and a Kansas tax agent stood by to make sure it was all buried. One of the brothers that owned the dump jumped on the cat and started covering it up. He covered a path a few feet wide on the first pass, hoping the agent would just assume he would cover it all and leave. No such luck. He started covering less and less with each pass, down to where he was recovering the already buried cans with most of the blade and only a few inches worth of it covering the unburied cans. When he got down to an uncovered strip about 18" wide, the agent got in his car and left. That 18" strip provided 6-55 gallon barrels full plus what the drivers had brought back with them. There was cold beer at the dump for the next several weeks.
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