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Re: ???Nutter Bypass???

Well it's basically a "redneck" fix for the computer controlled Carter BBD carburetor.
By bypassing the computer (which usually controls spark advance, fuel/air mixture, etc.), you're effectively eliminating any computer control on the carburetor making it run in a way similar to the way yours does.
This way you can tune the carb to your liking, and set the timing without having to worry too much about what the computer is doing.
Some people also nutter their engine so they can remove the rats nest of vacuum and vapor lines in the engine bay.

It's used on the computer controlled 258's which I believe (may not be right) were put into production in the early 80's, perhaps around 82.
It doesn't necessarily improve performance on every 258 it's done to. There are some people who see an improvement, and there are others who don't.
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