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88YJ w/ stumble at 1800-2000 rpm? please help>>

OK, so I rebuilt my BBD and put brand new plugs(gapped correctly) and coil on. Rotor, cap and wires are less than 10K miles old and in good shape.

She starts right up now and idles nicely(hard to believe I know, but bare with me.....) and pulls better and more smoothly than I ever remember in the last 8 years.

My problem?

Seems to pull fine to 3000+ rpm in first but when I shift into 2nd and stand on it she pulls fine to about 1800 rpm and starts missing/stumbling badly. Keeps it up to about 2000 rpm and then seems to smooth out again.

I just got it running yesterday and the new fan clutch on just before dark today so haven't done anything but flog her around the block a few times and noticed this stumble.

It has never had this problem before.

Timing looks to be about 6* at idle with vacuum line to distributer ATTACHED still.

What do I need to check? Is it a common problem? I spent a while digging thru old posts in search under "hesitation" and "stumble", but most of the hits were for 2100 carb conversions, TR ignition upgrades etc.

Any ideas of what to look for would be appreciated.

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