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Re: Another Crazy idea... Naval Jelly & Grease???

I moved up out of FL about two years ago. Now I am living up in the Frozen Tundra of South Carolina. It is already getting cold here, and my cold-blooded Florida body needs hot weather to keep warm.

I still am not used to the whole "Cold weather" thing up here, and the "Rain all winter" still gets me. Of course, it really does not rain here like it did there -- just slow and drizzly. I have not seen a monsoon like we got every day down there all summer long here yet.

I must say that I miss the mud holes and fun in the dunes. The sad part is that they were getting fewer and fewer. The rocks here are fun, and the wet red clay is not like anything I saw down there -- It is like a cement hillside with grease all over it.

I am from Stuart, which is on the East coast down by Palm Beach. I ran in the swamps in Ft. Pierce and in Vero lots. I got to play out in Jupiter Farms a couple of times, but not too often. It was just too much of a drive.

One guy I ran with had installed grease ports on his hubs. He would give them a couple of pumps every time he went out. Not sure if it really helped too much, but he had plenty of grease in those hubs.

That Flamingo was what people there use for waterproof, and we got it at local Napa stores. Some of the local Autozones would carry it too. I tried out that blue marine grease too. It seemed to work just fine -- and the change intervals on any of that stuff was like months if not sooner.

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