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Pretty good juery rig !

I just did a pretty good "Unconventional" fix, thought I'd share in case any of you ever found yourself with the same dilemma.
PROBLEM : A couple weeks after we bought our 98 Chrysler Concord "2nd hand", it developed an oil leak, well I found it
The oil plug was loose, so I tried tightening the bolt with my fingers, and it turned ! in fact it turned so well that it would never tighten! <font color="red">"STRIPPED THREADS in a cast aluminum pan". </font color>
MY LOW COST SOLUTION ! Drained the oil real good, then tilted car up on the drain plug side to where NO lingering oil could run through the drain hole. Scuffed the area up real good with some sandpaper, and cleaned area and damaged threads with brake cleaner, then installed a new "FRAM quick oil change" thingy with a permanent 2 part epoxy for metal on the threads. Let it sit over night, filled it up with new oil and filter. So now for all future oil changes, I will just attach the drain hose thing to the fram drain valve to drain the oil. The damaged threads will never be messed with again, and not suffer any further damage. The whole repair cost under $20 (12 for kit and $5 for epoxy, it was past due for the oil &amp; filter change so I didn't include that $)
By the way, those fram quick change things are pretty cool. I might even put one on my truck [img]images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]
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