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Another Crazy idea... Naval Jelly & Grease???

Well I usually get crazy thoughts after a couple of beers, boreddom, or a combination of both. Well the club went out riding yesterday, and down here it is usually very wet in the summer and into the fall months. We had lots of water to play in, but i actually tried to keep myself out, but I couldnt help myself and went to play in the water and mud. Well now I have to go regrease my bearings or at least open them up and get the water out if there is any. And since i have to redo my bearings every 6 months because of rust in them from water , I am thinking about if it is possible to mix some naval jelly with the grease to kind of keep the bearings from rusting. Already i use the synthetic grease and it works great. I was just thinking about maybe that is possible. I dont know what the makke up of naval jelly, but i think it isa an acid, which would probably not be good, at least for the rubber seals anyway. I am wondering if the synthetic grease will be affected by being mixed with naval jelly. Has any chemist type jeepers out there thought of this, am i going off the deep end again, or is this a legitimate thought. Just a thought I will throw out there.

I will go back to the bottle now [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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