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It's going to be cramped, not much room in the CJ-5s. With the family in the Jeep you won't have room for a cooler, etc. The advantage of a CJ-5 is the maneuverability on and off road. They are great for towing behind a motor home where gear carrying ability is secondary. You must drive carefully as with any short wheelbase vehicle, especially if it's lifted. I had a '61 CJ-5 before i got my CJ-8. It was great off road, but it was too small for the family.
If you are still interested, the '72 was the first year of AMC owmership of Jeep corp. There are a few different parts from the earlier models and the later ones, (they were still sorting things out). Check for rust and cracks in the body, as with any Jeep, especially around the body to frame mounts. Also carefully inspect the frame also, as they are prone to crack on the earlier models. Sometimes a "good deal" can be too good and it pays to check it out carefully.

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