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Re: Carb rebuild.... any suggestions!?

Your best bet is to get ahold of Tazuki or DannyL on this board and buy a Pony carb from them or purchase a new Weber. The Weber is the better of the two by a long shot because you will actually get a performance boost with it but my understanding with them is that they are somewhat difficult to set up correctly. A guy that goes by the name of Sarge on this board can fix you up with a Weber and all the intructions that you need. You ought to be able to get going with a Weber if you spend in the neighborhood of $300. Tazuki sells a complete Pony with everything you need for about $100. The Pony is a lot cheaper and simpler to set up but there is no performance upgrade to speak of. The pony is the way I chose to go as well as a lot of other guys on a budget.
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