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Need engine wiring help on a 76-77 CJ-5 Kinda Long

OK, here goes.....My dad has been working on this CJ-5 for most of the summer and now well into fall. I've been helping him of course and we've gotten the motor to run briefly (15 sec.) Now we've got the gas lines and everything hitched up...should be good to go. He needs to get the wiring into place...things like the Voltage Regulator, the Coil..ect....It's a prestolite system with a motorcraft altonater as it should be. I think they only used this wiring from 75-77 but not sure. of the biggest hurdles is we can't find any good diagrams of where the wires from the voltage regulator go, there are 4 spade prongs on the regulator....the harness is gone so we can't just plug and go. The other big hold up, is a red and black wire coming off the coil...not sure where it goes but I think there is a resistor that goes in there somewhere. ANY help would be appreciated...also if you have, or know where I can find any diagrams for this, it would be a BIG help.

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