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Re: iterating

Just to be clear: electrostatic painting isn't the same as powdercoating. They both electrostatically charge the particles passing thru the gun to attract them to the object being coated, but from there on, they differ significantly.

Powdercoating is already dry, so it won't cure if abandoned after being sprayed. It MUST be heated to over 375F to melt into a solid coat, or it'll fall off when touched. Washers & dryers are usually ceramic-coated, which is like powdercoating in that it's a powder that's heated & melted into a solid layer. Ceramic uses glass (sand) instead of polyester powder, but it needs an adhesive to hold it on the metal until it's heated.

Any kind of paint can be applied electrostatically to reduce overspray & cost in high production lines. Appliances (like refrigerators & microwaves) are usually painted with true epoxy paint, which reacts with itself (which is why it's separated in 2 parts until just before application) to cure into a solid layer. All other paints react with the oxygen in air to cure. The electrostatic application doesn't increase or decrease the durability of the paint - it just makes the paint go to the object.
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