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Re: CJ Project almost finished....yeah right

Thanks for the compliments guys. It's been a long hard road rebuilding this thing but I'm slowly getting near the end. The painting process alone has been long. I started prepping the Jeep in February and we were ready to paint by May. I'm not a painter either (not good enough to shot a nice topcoat anyway) so I had one of my painter's from the plant shoot it for me. Well, he spent over four months painting, rushing, messing things up, repainting. That's actually a whole saga in itself.
The color is lemon yellow (a little brighter than the corvette yellow - although, corvette yellow is what I was originally shooting for). The color turned out real well and I couldn't be happier about it. It is pretty blinding on a bright sunny day though! The paint is actually a PPG aircraft paint. I asked my vendor to get me a sample of that yellow and that is what we used.
I like the way the gray top ended up looking too. I was a little worried about it after I ordered it but it ended up looking pretty nice. I was trying to avoid the "bumblebee" effect of yellow and black. Now I just need to finish up some suspension and steering work and address a few more painting issues and then I'm done with all the major stuff (until I decide to swap out the axles, tranny, engine, etc.!)


P.S. the key to a really good paint job is about 90% prep and 10% painting. A painter may shoot the best topcoat you've ever seen but if he hasn't done much prep or cleaning, it's all for nothing.
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