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Re: samurai overheating

That is correct. The guage runs on electricity, if the grounds are not working the way they should, the guage would show an inaccurate reading. Hint, the guage is wrong and the engine temp is fine, that's what happened to me, I did the CLASSIC ground repair and my temp guage seems to be back to the standard (note, after the ground incident, the temp guage does not change at all if electrical accessories are on/off or whatever).
I'd say try it, it needs to be done anyways, also, take the cap off the rad (very freaking carefully, use a large towel if needed!! STEAM IS #@$(*@#$*& HOT!!!) when the temp guage is showing very hot, if it boils and goes whoeeeeeshhhhhhhhsssssssssssssssssssss, something is wrong, if it goes pssssssssst and the water is not boiling over and melting your flesh off, replace the ground and repeat
haha I'm looney.
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