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Re: samurai overheating

Here I go again [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]!
I bet your cooling system is fine. Replace the ground wire from the engine distributor to the firewall with some #10 guage wire strap. Make sure to clean the connection points well before you install the new wire. A way to test if you have a bad ground:
1. Push the clutch pedal down, if the intencity of the lights changes bad ground.
2. if the samurai is idling, quickly turn all electric stuff on and to the max, if the temp guage starts to climb imedieatly, bad ground.
3. It's going to go bad anyways, so it's a very good idea to replace if even if it is not the real problem, it will become problematic in the future.
It's just exactly what happened to me, temp went through the roof, turned all electric stuff off, went down, on, UP up red! hehe
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