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samurai overheating

I need help, my '86 Samurai (called SJ413 here in Germany) with the 1,3l carburetor engine constantly overheats after starting. The temperature keeps going up, way past normal. After I switch the heating from hot to cold and back again (or vice versa) the temperature drops slowly to normal and stays there. A problem with the thermostat (is this the right word for the switch, which controls the waterflow from the short to the long cooling circuit)? So I thought and told my shop to replace it. But it still did overheat. Yesterday I read a repair manual which mentioned an ventilation hole in the thermostat, which has to be positioned in a certain way to prevent overheating. Sounds familiar? But the manual didn't explain the right position, they just said: "... remember the position an install it in the same location...".
So I suspect, my dealer installed it in the wrong location and decided to give it a try. I rotated it a little bit and now the hole is at an 90 angle to the connection to the radiator. And what miracle: It doesn't overheat any more! Could it be that simple?
And now the question after this long story: Do you know the right location of this vent hole and if this could be the cause of my troubles?
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