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Re: TJ - Anyone Install Rubicon Express long arm kit?

Yep, I installed the kit,....all by my lonesome,.... RE's instructions are crap,...I have a link at home with a good write up that I used on the install. My SYE is a Tera HD, I have no problem with binding. I don't know what degree my pinion is set at, I would have to check it again, but it is tilted up quite a bit. I ordered my tires before the lift was even on the Jeep, I got the 37 MTR's, they fit pretty good, the backspacing on my rims is 4",...too much, ....I should have gotten 3.5" or 3.75" as I have a little rubbage on the lower control arms. I did end up putting a 1" BL and 1" MM lift just for the additional clearance, that's as high as I want to go.

Your binding problem does sound like it would be the SYE. Let us know how it goes. I did have a clunk,.clunk,. clunk after a wheeling trip, ended up being my yoke nut on the back of the T-Case had worked itself loose a little,....tightened it up, more clunk, clunk, clunk, but that was really my only problem.
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