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Re: 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers - Free shipping rip-off

Well here is four wheel parts response. I just got home from the hospital so I am just able to post this.

Dear Mr. Masters,

I must say that I do agree that $9.00 is an excessive amount for handling. I just spent some time reviewing the site and was not able to find a Bikini Top with a handling charge for more than $6.00. Could you please let me know what part number you were looking at.

Let me explain how the free freight policy works. We have ALWAYS had 2 sets of charges for all orders placed via the Internet. "Shipping" is the first charge and is what we would pay a third party to pick up your parts from us and deliver them to you. The second is a "Handling Charge" which is based on the amount of internal "handling" necessary to prepare the item(s) to ship. We are in fact not charging for "Shipping" and the handling charges are made very plain in the check out process. We are not hiding anything. Most items that are able to go UPS have a handling charge of $6-$10 and items that must be shipped via truck are $25-$50. I can see that if you ordered a bikini top and had to pay $5 for handling that you would feel the we are trying to trick you. On the other side if you order 10 or even 100 bikini tops the handling charge would not change 1 penny. This is because it is a handling charge not a shipping charge.

Is there anything that I can do to restore your confidence in 4 Wheel Parts? Let me know.

Best Regards
Greg Adler

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