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Distributor gasket??!!

I yanked my distributor out to check the gear that mates to the camshaft, and also took the opportunity to reset everything (#1 cyl TDC using a socket on the crank, rotor on distributor pointing to #1 tower, etc)...
And in the process of doing all this last night I found what appears to be 1/2 of a gasket of some sort where the shaft of the distributor mates to the block.
I checked through my Haynes and Chiltons manuals and they both show a gasket for the 2.5L, but not the 4.2L.
So I wandered down to my local 24 hour Autozone (not much else is open at 10:30 at night) and asked them if they showed a gasket for my 90 4.2L and of course being Autozone..they didn't show anything, but a comical argument between two counter guys quickly ensued. One said there is one, the other said there isn't.

Long story short, I'm a little confused here. There was physically a gasket (half of one anyway) on the block/distributor. Both manuals say no.

So, final there supposed to be a gasket that goes on the distributor where it meets the block?
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