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Re: Rust bucket

I live in Vermont, and we see a lot of road salt up here, so I deal with my fiar share of rust. What I usally do is take a wire brush to my frame, then use paint thinner on a rag to clean all the crud, mud, dust, and loose rust off of it. Let the frame sit for about 10 min to make sure it is dry, then I use a thick paint. (Hammerite) works great. And just brush it on as thick as I can, Do two coats. Hammerite can be put right over rust and it seals it in. The stuff works great. I usally do this twice a year. Once in the fall before the salt season, and once in the spring, right after the salt season.

For floorboard, if you are talking about the outside, or bottom, then I would use the same procedure, but if it is on the inside, you may think about cleaning them up real good and then using a bed liner, then you will never have to re do it. Good luck.
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