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> I stll have quite a caster problem, charcterized by wandering within the lane I'm driving in. I bought a set of 4 degree shims, and I'm
>seeking some reassurance that they will do the trick. Also, my truck's front end sits a little bit lower than the rear, and I'm concerned
>the shims may have a lowering effect on the front end. Any ideas?
Not sure how to reassure you, other than to say that yes, they will add caster (remember, to add caster, you want to install
them so that they lower the pumpkin - thick part to the front for spring under). If you install them, and they don't fix your
problem then you've got something other than caster going on. The shims will lower the front (again, assuming spring under), but
only by about 1/8" or 3/16" - the shims aren't very thick in the middle.

>I'm thinking maybe longer shackles may compensate. Also, I have heard of caster correctors, which
> apparently are installed with the ball joints. Has anyone tried these with success?
Haven't tried them, but I've seen them - they should work, though I think they're only good for a few
degrees. They should actually be better than the shims, since they don't make your pumpkin point


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