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Re: Stupid question ....

Sounds like you need a repair manual - check

A fan shroud is the plastic thing that bolts to the radiator and surrounds the fan - it helps the fan to suck
air through the radiator, rather than just recirculating the air within the engine compartment.

People tend to use the term body mount to refer to either:
- the rubber donut like things that the body rests on (the bolt goes through it),
or the polyurethane replacements for them
- the part of the body that rests on the rubber donut. The one under the driver's and
passenger's feet is sort of a rectangular cross section sheetmetal tube with a
sheetmetal wedge that rests on (actually under) it. This is the one that usually rusts,
though the one at the bed step under the back seat and the one at the rear sill (the piece
the tailgate bolts to) can also have rust problems.


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