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Power Steering Pump Noise

Okay...I changed all the belts on my SD-33T diesel yesterday (the alternator one was especially trashed; the power steering one was unhappy too). Previous to that, the power steering pump belt slipped whenever I turned the wheel at all; I was, for all intents and purposes without power steering at times. After changing the belt, everything sounded happy for a day or so. Now, today, the pump's started making noise again. It's a similar noise to the belt slpiiage, but it's lower pitched and more erratic (sometimes when I turn the wheel, it doesn't make a noise; sometimes it starts getting noisy even when the wheel's straight and the truck's moving down the road (which it didn't do prevoiusly)). I'm 99% sure the belt's still tight...could I have gotten it too tight? Is my pump going out? If yes to the first one, what's the belt tensoin supposed to be? Any other ideas? I don't want to replace the pump...can't afford it, so I'm hoping that isn't it. Thanks in advance!

The Warden

1980 International-Harvester Scout II SD-33T
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