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Re: Dip Stick Problem

Well I went yesterday to pick up my new dipstick and what I really needed "the tube" And when I got the box home all that was in it was a dip stick... NO tube. So I worked on some wiring instead. All of the ground wires needed some TLC. And after I finished with that THE BLOWER MOTER work! I thought it was done and I needed a new one. So that was good

After looking around, and poking in there I think I came up with a solution. I am just going to extend the stub of a dipstick tube that I have with some large diam bendable copper pipe. And just use a coupling with some hose clamps. THe only thing is I don't know how long the tupe is suposed to be.
Does anyone have any Idea where I could find the factory dip stick tube length??? Or does anyone know? Maybe is someone is doing a swap and has one out of a FSJ they could measure it? My application is a 1988 Waggie, but I would have to believe that the 360 used the same dipstick length for most ?
Thanks for anyone who can help me out.
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