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Looking at 88 Sammi

As I posted last week Iím looking at a rust-free 88 Sammi. Carfax showed that the truck spent it spent itís first 10 years in AZ, 141K + miles (actual not known). I went to look at it again to assess problems. The transmission and transfer appear to be working well, may have been replaced as the drive shafts show parts numbers written in paint from a parts yard. The transmission does leak at the rear shaft. How tuff a fix is this?

The oil on top of the transmission appears to have come from the distributor but has been fixed. The problem is the engine. It runs smooth but low compression, 150, 165, 150, 150. I didnít have a chance to squirt oil in and retest but suspect that most of the compression loss is from the top end because the exhaust is clear and the well-worn plugs were dry. This is probably part of the reason it tops out at about 55mph. You guys have already given me ideas that may help on that. They are asking $1,000 but think I can get it for between $700 & $800.

Iím look to use it mostly for trail riding but would like to be able to drive it to the trailhead too. So is this a descent price. Also, if I need to get the head rebuilt how tough is it and what am I looking to pay for the machine work. This is beyond most of the work Iíve done in the past. Or would I be better of with an engine swap to a 1.6l engine? What is involved in that swap? I have now welding experience.


ps what other places are good for gathering info on sammies
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