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4-wheel drive worked flawlessly :-)

I went to a car show today that I entered my truck into and for a first it was completely covered in mud rather than clean. There was mostly old hot rods and then there was 3 muddy trucks and did we ever get some looks! I even climbed up on a huge concrete block and then the damn event staff complained and told me to get it down...
After the event my buddies went 4 wheeling with me and through all the steep climbs and mud holes there wasn't a bad clunk sound at all! The other day I was in 4 high with about 1200 pounds of pea stone in the bed and I heard a couple sounds that were like teeth breaking. I had it in 4 high to ease the pressure from being all on the rear gears since they only had 450-500 miles on them and I wanted to play it safe since the front has been in for a while. It was raining so driving on pavement should be fine and after only a couple hundred feet it started to act up so I turned around and shoveled out most of it. All most pretty good for the 15 minute ride home and when I arrived on my dirt driveway I put it in 4x4 and I heard a clunk after a very short drive, well that sound hasn't happened again and i've driven quite a few miles! This is weird but i'm not complaining, maybe I can hold off on replacing my front axle with a bone stock one with 4:10's... The rear seems to be better too with no noise from a hole shot to about 40mph! :~)
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