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Re: One day left before new health kick begins.....

come to oregon ...... and i'll have you in shape ( or dead ) in no time . 2.2 miles with 100 pounds of pure rogue river chinook on your back and you'll be " the baddest man in the land".... hee heee !!! just kidding, i have the good ole Kodiak chewing tobacco to keep me away from the sweets . for me i think that is going to be one HARD habit to break . if i ever do quit i know i will swell up like a tick ....the best of luck to you , just stay focused and keep your tummy full of low calorie stuff . if your tummy thinks its full you wont have as many urges to indulge in the fattening things . find a low calorie snack food that you really like and eat that when your cravings start trying to take over . but dont eat too much our you will find yourself getting bored and then the cravings will come back even stronger . .....Good luck .....Von Warner
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