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XJ high pinion swap into a TJ...

I did a search and didn't come up with anything more than the article on the "cover". I may have worded it wrong but, still didn't come up with any help on the subject.

The axle I've been given is the model WITH the disconnect. So, the question I've got for you is this...Using Moser inner axles (the big ones), what to do about the seal problem for the passenger side?

The Moser's are too big to put the seal in the normal spot by the disco. The axle just pushes it right out.

So, the idea I've got is this: what about having the tube on the passenger side of the diff machined down to accept the TJ seal? Anyone try this? Any input on this will be appreciated seeing as I was given this axle from friends.

I'm wanting to build this thing up, if possible, seeing as I'm finished with the rear D44. I've got the inner axles, R&P, and locker ready to go in as soon as this problem gets eliminated.

Thanks for any help.
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