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Need Help, sled has been backfiring.


I was wondering if you guys and gals could help me with something. I've got a 98 Arctic Cat ZR500 with 300 miles that has been backfiring the past two times I've ridden it. I'm pretty new to sledding and I havent the slightest idea what the problem could be. When I pull the throttle real tight and then let up quickly the snowmobile is most likely to bog and backfire. While it was bogging , I have on occasion pushed the trottle in to keep it running and no matter how tight I squeeze it just makes a really weird "put put put" noise and will not engauge the clutch. A few seconds later it's back to normal. Now that we've got some snow here in MN I've been riding it anyway, but I know it's not something to be put off. I just took it out of storage and burned through the first tank of old gas on the lake with no problems noticed. Since then, I've tightened the track, adjusted the idle, and used 92 octane fuel(which I've been told is better for the machine). I also use the same oil as last year. Any ideas what the problem could be?

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